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Altitude Fitness HV COVID-19 Protocols

Last Updated on 5.24.2021

I realize how important this topic is to everyone so I want to be sure you always have a place to get the most up-to-date information on how we are handling your health and wellness when you come to our studio. Please check here often to stay 'in-the-know' and always feel free to email ( or call/text (940.441.5453) with any questions or concerns. 

Click here for current CDC Guidelines

Click here for Texas Department of Health Services Guidance

A Little About Our Studio

If you have not visited Altitude Fitness Highland Village yet, here is a bit of information about how our studio is set up:

  • We are not part of another business or space! The only people who are in our space are those there to take our classes. This means we have a very low occupancy at all times. 

  • Our lobby area is pretty big so there is plenty of room to honor social distancing guidelines.

  • We have 2 rooms in our space: our pole fitness room and our aerial room.

  • Both of our apparatus rooms have equipment rigged to maintain the social distancing guidelines.

  • We have 2 restrooms. 

  • No carpeted areas.

Updated Policies as a Result of COVID-19

Think about your activity over the past 7 days before you come to class so everyone stays healthy...

Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not

Have you had ​​

  • No contact with a confirmed COVID-19 victim

  • No fever, fatigue, cough, difficulty breathing

  • No travel outside Texas or the USA

  • No member of my household currently has or is recovering from Covid-19

...if all responses are 'no' (and you have no temp before you left your house) then come on in!


Classes and How we Have Updated Them

Because what we do requires an apparatus, we already had small class sizes prior to the pandemic. With the new regulations in place, we have made them even smaller! For now, our class sizes are as follows: 

- Pole Fitness :: 1 instructor + 8 students

- Aerial Yoga :: 1 Instructor + 8 students

- Aerial Silks :: 1 Instructor + 8 students

- Aerial Hammock/Sling :: 1 Instructor + 9 students

- Aerial Lyra :: 1 Instructor + 8 students 

  • Staggered class times with at least 15 minutes between them

  • Different pick up and drop off stations for spray bottles and towels for pole fitness classes 

  • An 'Enter' door and 'Exit' door for the pole room

  • No back-to-back, same apparatus classes in the aerial room

  • Fabric treated with a vodka and essential oil mixture after every class and given enough time to dry next use

  • To ensure your health and maintain social distancing guidelines, we will be attempting to create curriculum that does not require hands on spotting. As a client, please understand that if we feel your life is in danger, you may come into contact with us.

Studio Additions to Maintain Health

​We have been hard at work adding the necessary items to ensure a space that meets CDC requirements. Here is some of what we have done so far and we'll be continuing to research and add other necessities as we feel is necessary to maintain the safest environment possible.

  • H13 air purifiers to sanitize the air (in a record 30-ish minutes!)

  • Hospital grade disinfectants 

  • Hand sanitizer for each room

  • Touchless dispensers

  • Clients will be required to wash/sanitize hands and wipe feet before and after each class

We get asked a lot about masks so here are the answers!

We are concerned masks pose a safety risk during physical activity such as ours, since they

decrease your body's ability to oxygenate your muscles efficiently and can trap carbon dioxide

inside the mask reducing the amount of oxygen your body absorbs.  This increases the potential

for hyperventilating or fainting.  

Therefore, wearing a face mask while participating in class is OPTIONAL, as long as the client

abides by all the other the social distancing protocols. You are more than welcome to wear a mask,

but if you become lightheaded, have shortness of breath or tingling in your extremities, we will escort

you outside to help you catch your breath and ensure you are okay.


We are no longer requiring all participants to arrive wearing a mask but do ask that everyone is respectful of each other and try to maintain distance while moving around the studio. We also ask you get to class no sooner than 10 minutes (15 minutes if you are bringing your own equipment for aerial) prior to class start.

BYOEquipment Options

We do prefer you continue to bring your own mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, knee pads, leg warmers, socks; however we do keep some on hand in the event you have forgotten yours. This means you need to purchase your own! All of these items can be picked up at Five and Below, Wal-Mart, Target, or ordered on-line at Amazon and are very affordable. If you need assistance with finding these items, please reach out and I am happy to help!!!

Mighty Grip knee pads are PERFECT for pole fitness!

For the Aerial Side of the House

You are welcome to bring your own silks, hammock, lyras. We will make sure they are properly rigged for you. Safety is our number one goal!!! If you want to order fabric and the necessary accessories, and are unsure what you need, please email me at and I will be happy to let you know what you need and the best places to get the equipment. Please note our rig is 12ft high which means you need the right fabric length (and the right type of fabric).

One website that is great for aerial equipment is Aerial Essentials.



In order to minimize outside items into the studio, we have implemented a 'small bag only' policy. If you have a large bag, we'll ask you to please put it in your car. 

There will be racks or hooks in both the pole room and the aerial room for you to hang your bags on.

Things to pack in your bag:

  • Cell Phone

  • Tack

  • Dance shoes 

  • Knee Pads

  • Leg Warmers/Socks

  • Water Bottle

  • Yoga Straps

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